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Advertisement: A Trial By Fire

A T r i a l b y F i r e

Taken Characters

A Survival//Horror panfandom

Everyone had thought the near-apocalypse that Neffe had brought to Hell was over. They were wrong.

Late in the night, fiery chunks of the god's palace began to rain down on the City. Many were deflected from the city itself by the Upper Level. Others were not. When day came, all access to the Upper Level was gone.

Those with teleportation abilities who attempted to us them found that that ability was now gone.

Fires still burnt around the edges of the city, smoke filling the air. Buildings that had become common landmarks were now damaged or ruined. The survivors staggered out into weak day-light, stunned when they looked upwards to see the holes that had been punched into and through the Plate in places. To see the sun, even through those breaks, was a boon to some.

What they soon discovered was that during that horrible night, nearly eighty percent of Purgatory's population had vanished. Houses that were once homes now stood empty, some reduced to rubble once more while others looked as if their owners had simply stepped out for a few minutes. Any cries or questions to the gods went unanswered at first.

At first.

Soon enough, three voices spoke up in answer, informing the residents that the former gods of this place had fallen. Now they were in control, and the City had gone back to being Hell itself.

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Also, I had my college induction today, which went fine. My timetable's pretty good.
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