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'You gave me hyacinths first a year ago; they called me the hyacinth girl'

9 December
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♔ eilidh.
21 | Ayrshire, Scotland

a song of ice and fire, alexander mcqueen, anastasia, architecture, art nouveau, battle royale, bizenghast, björk, bloc party, byron, code geass, cooking, cowboy bebop, crime and punishment, david bowie, design, dior, dir en grey, discworld, dogs: bullets and carnage, doing bugger all, eastern promises, eating, embroidery, fashion, ffvii, food, gackt, gentlemen bastards, good moods, hercules, high heels, horse riding, house of flying daggers, inspiration, justin timberlake, kanye west, kingdom hospital, labyrinth, languages, les liaisons dangereuses, lolita, lord of the rings, make believe, make-up, maps, mark ryden, mary magdalene, merry christmas mr. lawrence, metalocalypse, mulan, music, narnia, nick cave, nightwish, ouran, outdoors, persona 4, placebo, pocahontas, pre-raphaelites, psychology, pure bags, quintessential, rammstein, rococo, role-play, sleeping in, surrealism, tailoring, tennyson, the good life, the legend of zelda, the mighty boosh, the road to eldorado, travelling, ugly betty, vimto, vivienne westwood, vogue, words, x-men, xxxholic, yoshitaka amano

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